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Ima Garmendia lived in Tolosa, Basque Country, until she was 18 years old. After that, she started traveling, first as a journalist and religion student, and later as a photojournalist. She worked in the Chilean newspaper ¨La Epoca¨ , and for the Associated Press agency and for the Sunday magazine of the local newspaper ¨La Republica¨ in Peru.

In 2001, coinciding with the Afghanistan war, she moved to New Delhi, India, from where she covered the area for different magazines and newspapers around the world, including  El Mundo, The New Yorker, Elle magazine and The Sunday Herald, among others.


In 2003,  along with the photographer Kike del Olmo, she traveled by land for six months in an old Land Rover from India to Spain following the route of the gypsies, to make their documentary film ¨Romanipen¨ about the history of this ethnic group.


She now lives in Barcelona, working out of her studio on a number of different projects, including commissioned portraits and commercial photography. She is also experimenting with photography over ceramics in her new brand Adarbakar,

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