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When we speak about landscape, we often understand it as something external, outside of us, distant from the everyday, like a static photograph we live in. But human beings interact and have lived actively with their natural environment for thousands of years, participating in it and modifying it. We interact with the landscape, with nature around us; we plant forests to make charcoal, paper, poles, beams and floors, we build railways, highways, roads; its uses and abuses leave footprints that tell the story of our time on Earth. These visible scars tell the story of the land we transform and that also transforms us, generating and creating culture. There is no landscape without the human gaze. We all create our world from the way we see it, we all combine collective images that become our own. They are subjective images, sometimes idealized, and sometimes clouded as a result of our experiences.
This photographic series explores, from my life experience, the relationship between the Basque landscape and the creation of identity.

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